In an effort to keep all visitors safe, please review the following:

  •  Please leave all doors open and lights on as you tour our new construction listing.
  • As directed by the Louisiana Board of Realtors, we are limiting the tour to one buyer group at a time.
  • Should you need to use the handrail to gain access to the second floor and to further your protection, we have provided hand sanitizer on the kitchen counter and at our welcome table.
  • Upon entry please text your name to the number provided for the property sales brochure to be sent to your phone via text message.
  • Please do not proceed if:
    • you are feeling ill
    • you have had contact with anyone who has been diagnosed Covid+ within the last 14 days or anyone who is presently self-quarantining because of CDC guidelines.
    • you are in a high-risk group
  • Open house guidelines are subject to change. May16,2020 9:00 AM

Open House Guideline for a Touchless Tour